How to Choose the Right Steering System for You!

January 31st, 2018 by SeaStar | 2 Comments |

With the variety of choices from SeaStar Solutions, it can get confusing on what kind of steering system you need to handle your boat with safely and with ease. The biggest factor when choosing will be the application of the steering system you are choosing. Knowing what your engine horsepower (HP) will define what system is optimal for your boat.

SeaStar Solutions offers 8 different Mechanical Steering Kits for a variety of needs and we have this handy chart as a basic guide. However, it’s always a safe bet to go with what your boat builder originally put in the boat. This will guarantee that you won’t get any surprises while handling your boat and ensures that you get the same smooth operation.+


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We recommend that you use NFB steering for outboard applications; and before you say it, I can already read your mind… you’re wondering… “What does “NFB” mean?”  NFB means No FeedBack. This is a feature SeaStar Solutions has built into the helm that fights prop torque feedback. Pretty cool, right? Though remember, NFB should not be used with autopilots or power assisted steering.

2 Responses to “How to Choose the Right Steering System for You!”

  1. SeaStar says:

    Hey Luke!
    It looks like our hydraulic team replied to you earlier. Let us know if you haven’t gotten the response yet!

  2. Luke Marriott says:

    I have sent an email to your hydraulic team looking for advice in transferring cable steer to hydraulic steer on my 2002 skeeters bass boat with a 115 Yamaha motor. I would like to know what kit to use? Looking for input

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