EcoTip #1: DIY Boat Cleaners

Everyone wants their boat looking perfect and in tip-top condition, but do you know what chemicals you are putting on your boat and into the water?

Cleaning all areas of your boat has never been easier (And won’t break the bank). For the following areas, try the natural remedy for a sparkling clean every time.

Fiberglass stains:

What you need: Baking soda, Water

What you do: Use a sponge (or cloth) to gently rub the paste mixture into the stain. (This paste is multipurpose, you can use it to clean your on board showers and heads. Just take caution, while it is a great cleaner, it is abrasive. Try wiping it down with lemon or lime juice for that fresh-smell and shiny finish!)

Windows and mirrors:

What you need: Vinegar, lemon juice, warm water

What you do: Fill a spray bottle with all three ingredients and shake slightly. Spray on your windows and wipe down with paper towels, newspapers, or a washable cloth.


What you need: Apple cider vinegar, baby oil

What you do: Use a soft cloth to rub the apple cider vinegar on the chrome, then a fresh cloth with the baby oil to restore the shine and protect.

Plastic surfaces:

What you need: White vinegar, warm water

What you do: Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts warm water, spray on affected area and wipe with a cloth.


Do you use any of these tricks already? Let us know!

Send us photos of your first time trying these awesome DIY, eco-friendly boat cleaners.



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