Boating Trip Must Haves

Have you ever gotten out on the water and had that sinking feeling as you realize..“I forgot the sunscreen!” after it’s too late to turn back? Keeping a checklist of must-haves is one way to keep this from happening, but a handy family, boat-ready pack of your boating essentials is a super quick and easy way to make sure you’re prepared in the event of an unplanned or unexpected “bite” from the boating bug.


Extra Towels and Towel Clips: Who doesn’t need extra towels when you’re out on the water? Plus, the clips keep them from blowing away.

Plastic baggies: Protect those electronics from moisture!

First-Aid kit: Bruises, bumps, and cuts are bound to happen. Make sure you’re prepared.

Sunscreen: Don’t forget to re-apply after a couple of hours on the boat!

Extra plates, napkins, eating utensils: So you don’t have to worry during your on-board picnic.

Cleaning wipes: Spills are going to happen, you are on a moving boat after all!

Hand sanitizer: Keeps everyone germ free, easier.

Baby powder: A strange one, I know, but it helps wipe sand off quick and effortlessly.

Extra tubes of Chapstick: Get some with SPF and enough for everyone!

Pack these all in a water-tight plastic tote for ultimate portability and a convenient carrying case to make transporting from dock to home even easier.

And of course, make sure your boat is equipped with the proper safety equipment such as an unexpired fire extinguisher and personal flotation devices and that your boat registration and fishing license is current.

Don’t forget a waterproof camera or a camera with a waterproof housing to capture all the fun you’re having!

What are some of your absolute necessities to have on board? Let us know below!

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