Why is Fuel Injector Maintenance Important?

The idea behind maintaining your fuel injection system is pretty much a no-brainer; it keeps your engine reliable and ensures proper performance. Gunk builds up in your injectors from the process of cooling your engine. As the engine runs, the injectors are kept cool by the fuel running through them. When the engine is turned off, the temperature rises and the heat soaks the fuel injectors. This breaks the fuel down into gum and varnish. Whenever your engine is shut off there is plenty of opportunity for layers of gum and varnish to harden deeply inside and outside the tip of the fuel injector. Seeing as boats are stored for long periods of time and run for shorter periods of time (not to mention the winter months when the engine is not started at all), you can see where the problem comes in.

Sure, you can add chemicals into your fuel to stabilize or clean your injectors, but they cannot clean away those layers and layers of fuel deposits. Before you know it, your fuel injector is clogged and dirty and has left your once smooth-running boat without power while you’re trying to enjoy your weekend off. Not to mention the cost associated with engine repairs for these issues.

Bottom line is: Cleaning fuel injectors ensures proper engine performance and can guard against costly repairs. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

But you know, Sierra always has you covered…

Did you know that Sierra has an all-in-one fuel injection cleaning kit? We make it super easy to maintain your fuel injection system!

The E-GO! Fuel Injection Cleaning kit (pictured below) contains: Cleaning System container, hose, small fitting, large fitting, and carrying case.

For: Mercury, Honda, and Yamaha

  • Cleans away layers of fuel deposits when the engine is running.
  • Helps maintain the injector’s cleanliness and performance throughout the life of your engine.
  • For best results, use 18-8606 E-GO! Blast Fuel Injector Cleaner.


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