Interior Boat Winterization Tips

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, cold weather is approaching and the beautiful days that you can get on the boat are dwindling down. Most everyone knows the basics of winterizing your boat and keeping the actual mechanics good to go for the spring, but do you ever think about the importance of winterizing the INSIDE of your boat too?

If not done properly, condensation and mold will be the first to greet you inside of your boat in the Spring. Here are some tips to help keep everything smelling and looking fresh and preventing damage to your interior!

  1. Make sure everything is clean to begin with! Keeping tables, chairs, seats, bedding, wiped down and laundered will help in the first steps of winterizing your interior
  2. If your boat has a galley, fridge, kitchen equipment and/or a head, clean those out too! Remove any liquids or anything that could freeze from the cabinets and I mean everything.
  3. Check into dehumidifiers or moisture absorbents to keep on the boat while it’s in storage, just to remove any extra moisture that lingers behind or seeps in.
  4. Bag up any extra linens, clothing, anything cloth to bring home with you. You’ll want it fresh for the spring anyways!
  5. Make sure the kids bring their toys home with them too! Not only will this prevent them from being damaged with temperature, they’ll probably be begging for them the instant the boat gets into storage!

Do you have any secret tips and tricks for winterization? Let us know!

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