Five Must-Haves for Your Ditch Pack!

How many of you have heard of a Ditch Pack? Well, in the event of trouble on the sea (hopefully none of you will have to experience this, but it’s always better to be prepared than not!) you always want to have some survival essentials ready to come with you overboard. The concept of a ditch pack is really straight-forward…a bag/pack which carries your essentials to be survive AND to help you get spotted for rescue. Here are our top FIVE must-haves for your ditch pack!

Firstly, you need a bag! Recommended is any heavy-duty dry bag, any brand of your preference, with carabiners and zippers to keep items securely in place!

Secondly, a EPIRB — What is a EPIRB? An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is extremely helpful by utilizing satellites and earth stations to notify Coast Guard and local search and rescue teams in the event of your emergency. It even provides your GPS position over two separate frequencies — neat!

Thirdly, an emergency light. This helps aid in the location of you and your passengers. There are several options available, including some that can attach to life vests and have either water activated or pin-pull designs for easy access and easy turn on in an emergency.

Fourth, low-tech devices. The basics will ALWAYS work and will help provide a fail-proof way to communicate with first responders. A whistle, glow sticks, and a reflective mirror zipped up into a waterproof pouch for each passenger your boat may equip.

And last but not least, fifth – Air raft repair kit — this is pretty straight forward, I think you get the picture.


Do you carry a ditch pack in your boat? What is in yours? Let us know below!


As always, thanks to our friends at and for helping us out with this article! Check theirs out for more tips on ditch bags.

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