ECO-BOATING: Sunscreen — Environmental Poison?

Did you know that even your sunscreen can cause extreme harm to marine organisms?

“But how?! I’m wearing it on my skin?”

More than likely, you will contact the water while out boating at some point, which can cause washed-off sunscreen to sink to the depths of the waters beneath. The chemical oxybenzone is used by many brands of sunscreen in order to prevent UV rays from penetrating into your skin. While the purpose of this is helpful for us, it’s also extremely toxic to fish and other marine life! It has also been attributed to coral bleaching (pictured below)! It’s actually pretty bad for human health, too.

Check the ingredients in your sunscreen before you buy or apply! Don’t worry though, you won’t have to get as red as a lobster while enjoying time in the sun, just try to use brands that rely on zinc or titanium dioxide. Instead of preventing UV rays from penetrating your skin, these types of sunscreen actually scatter the UV rays away from your skin, letting you have just as much fun with less of the damage.

What is your go-to, favorite brand of environmentally friendly sunscreen? Let us know!

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