BOAT HACKS: That’s Not Trash!

So, I know I can’t be the only one who likes everything organized to the point of probably craziness. I’m also the one who brings a heck of a lot of food and other supplies on the boat for like, a day trip. (Going overboard is just my thing..not literally though, thankfully!)

One of the biggest tips and tricks that i’ve discovered (that’s also SUPER budget friendly and environmentally friendly — bonus!) is reusing old food containers for another purpose. I’m not talking about the clearly one-time use packages; i’m talking some of the more heavy duty plastic packages that usually have some sort of resealable lid on them. This helps keeps moisture out of food, it’s perfect for storing, and it keeps things from spilling all over when you’re trying to pour it out. Check out some of my favorite re purposed containers below!

1.Coffee creamer bottles:

These things are A-MAZ-ING. They have snap-close lids and can come in a variety of sizes. They can hold almost anything, too. Plus, they’re see-through!








2.Salt dispenser lid replacement:

Cut out the top of the dispenser and twist it on a mason jar for an easy pour, easy replace spout!







3.Glass Soda bottle dispensers:

Retro-chic! Functional and all you need is a cork or spout. Try it for dish soap, too!





What are some of your favorite repurposing items? Let us know below!



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