Sierra Manifolds & Risers – The Perfect Replacement for your Engine!

For those not so familiar with engine parts, manifolds & risers are part of the exhaust system and are essential to the smooth running of your engine. Most are made of cast iron as it withstands extreme temperatures (hot gases & cold cooling water) but is also prone to corrosion in the harsh marine environment. This corrosion is one of the reasons that manifolds and risers will need to be replaced at some point, it is just a matter of when, depending if you are in fresh or salt water environments. Failure of a manifold or riser can result in catastrophic engine failure if there is water intrusion into the cylinders.

Sierra Manifolds

If you run your boat in fresh water the manifolds will likely last for many years without having any problems. For boats used in a salt water environment the manifolds & risers should be checked regularly as part of your maintenance program. How often will depend on where you keep your boat – boats in warm sea water in southern States will likey need replacement more often than those in cooler seas further north.

Sierra’s Manifold, Riser and Accessories program offers one of the most complete product lines in the marine aftermarket. Utilizing a state of the art manufacturing facility for all the manifold products, they are manufactured as a direct OE replacement and are fully interchangeable with the OEM products they are designed to replace. Computerized CNC machining ensures proper gasket mating surfaces, and uniform wall and water jacket thickness. All are 100% leak tested before shipping.

Each Sierra manifold replacement includes all the necessary gaskets and hardware for easy, out of the box installation while our revised gasket material provides more compressibility and better sealing properties. All manifolds are primed and painted for added durability and protection.

All Sierra products meet or exceed the original equipment parts they replace and are backed by Sierra’s industry leading limited lifetime warranty. Should one of our parts fail, we cover parts, labor and any incidental charges related to the repair including haul out and tow fees to help get you back on the water as quickly as possible.
When it comes to replacing your manifolds or risers, ask your dealer to use Sierra. Not only will you save money, you will be getting branded parts equal to, if not better than the original parts being replaced, and peace of mind knowing you are using the best there is.

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