SeaStar Solutions’ Hydraulic Fluid

SeaStar Solutions’ hydraulic steering systems (which include SeaStar, BayStar and Hynautic brands) are engineered to provide boaters with a consistent steering feel over a wide range of conditions. Within these systems, the use of SeaStar Solutions’ hydraulic fluid plays a major role by helping provide a consistent steering feel.

But there is much more to a good hydraulic steering fluid than you may think. By using SeaStar Steering Fluid you will ensure optimum system performance and safety as it is engineered with a perfect blend of additives containing the following:

  • Anti-foaming agents to help remove entrained air from the oil.
  • Anti-rust agents/corrosion inhibitors to help prevent corrosion should water get into the system. In addition, water emulsification adders encapsulate entrained water to create a 2-phase liquid with no free water.
  • Viscosity stabilizers help ensure consistent viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. In cold weather this maintains low steering effort, while in hot weather is reduces steering slip and maintains efficiency.
  • Wear additives enhance the overall life expectancy of the system.
  • Anti-oxidants prevent oil oxidation over time which can result in heavier steering.

If you find your hydraulic steering isn’t as smooth and easy to use as it should be it may be down to the use of a non-approved steering fluid. Symptoms can be:

HA5430H SeaStar Hydraulic Fluid
  • Higher steering effort, particularly at high ambient or lower temperatures due to steering fluid degradation and breakdown.
  • Increased steering slip or drift resulting in lost motion.
  • Foaming or air entrapment causing a bumpy feel during steering.
  • Leaky seals due to incompatibility with various proprietary seal compounds used in our products.

In addition, non-approved fluids may cause problems that don’t have any symptoms to start with but develop over time causing serious damage to the system. High rates of moisture absorption could cause internal component corrosion and may also result in scratched steering cylinder bores and shafts due to contamination. If you think non-standard fluids have been used we recommend an immediate and complete system flush using approved fluids, by an approved steering technician.

You can find out more about SeaStar Hydraulic Fluids along with product specifications on our website at:


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  1. need to know the proper method to add oil to a PA1200-2.
    is their anyone close to Birmingham Al that sell this oil?

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