What a Jackplate Does (and why you NEED one, NOW!)

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why would I need a Jackplate on my boat,” keep reading. 

A jackplate is a specially designed mounting bracket for an outboard motor that lets you to raise or lower the motor vertically.  Here are five very good reasons you need a jackplate for your boat.

It will make your boat go FASTER

A Jackplate will lift your engine and position your propeller closer to the water line.  This removes much of the lower unit from the water which reduces drag and increases the speed of your boat.  The additional setback of the Jackplate has the benefit of placing your propeller in cleaner, undisturbed water allowing your engine to work more efficiently.

Get INTO shallow water

With your engine up and your propeller closer to the water line you can safely get into and navigate shallow water.  This is especially good if you’re one to troll through shallow water searching for fish.

Get OUT of shallow water

Accessorizing your boat with a Jackplate will allow you to lift your propeller away from the bottom so you can tuck under and get up on plane in shallow water.

ENHANCE Handling

Having your engine up and set back from the transom enhances handling.  Additionally, putting your engine as low as it can go with a jack plate while navigating rough water gives the propeller more traction in the water.

IMPROVE Fuel Economy

Lifting the engine with a jack plate reduces drag and moves the propeller further away from the transom so as to avoid the boat’s turbulence as it travels through the water. Running with less drag means you will get further on less fuel.

Along with these benefits, there are many other reasons why a Jackplate would be a great accessory for your boat. If you’d like to learn more about Jackplates OR you’d like to speak with someone to learn more about our diversified Jackplate products, please visit us at http://www.seastarsolutions.com/products/jack-plates/detwiler-products/.

12 Replies to “What a Jackplate Does (and why you NEED one, NOW!)

  1. Looking to install a SeaStar jackplate to power my 90hp 4 stroke yamaha tiller.
    What control options do you have available for tiller motors ( if any )?

  2. I would suggest to talk to a local dealer on what would work on your exact boat/engine. But if I am understanding the question correctly sounds like you need to offset and lift the engine up a bit. A standard manual plate should work for you. Thanks, SeaStar Solutions

  3. Hi, my transom was rebuilt too low and there is not an adequate height on the mount for the steering to dip into the splashwell as it trims forward. Is there a jackplate product that will allow me to get the height right but with a cut out to allow for the steering to be unobstructed as it tilts forward?

    Many thanks

  4. Good Morning,

    With the information you have provided, we would want to stay conservative and recommend a 6″ setback. We would also recommend getting with a local dealer who specializes in JackPlate installs so they can confirm.

    Thanks, SeaStar Solutions

  5. Hi,
    I have a 2015 Sea Hunt Ultra 211 that has a 2015 Yamaha F150 outboard. I was wanting to get a SeaStar jack plate but I do not know what set back I would need. When I am out fishing, it is either 10 – 15 miles offshore for snapper, etc. or in the shallow (2 ft – 6 ft) bays for reds and specs.


  6. Recently purchased a new Godfrey Sweetwater pontoon, Model 2086TT with a Yamaha F115 outboard. Can you provide a recommendation as to the offset for a jackplate? The center toon has a flat step starting about 18″ forward of the transom.

    I believe the jackplate will improve the performance of the pontoon when it is carrying a max passenger load.

  7. I have a question regarding the Seastar jackplate. I have a 6″ plate. Is it possible to buy the sides as loose items to rebuild this one to 8″. I have crash problems with my boat when tilting the motor..


  8. Bert,
    Thanks for the question! Please, try jacking the plate up and down a few times to see if the air in the system clears out and the problem resolves. If it is still having the same problem, please call our Hydraulic Support Line ASAP as it sounds like it could be a possible internal leak. Here’s the info for our Hydraulic Support:
    Contact Number: 604-248-3858
    Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm PST
    Thanks, again, for your comment and please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. Have a great week.

  9. Question: I have a 2015 bay boat with new Seastar jack plate installed on new Suzuki DF250, my question is that when I raise the engine all the way up (using the jack plate, engine not running), after maybe 5 minutes, the engine goes back to its lowest position. Is the jack plate losing some hydraulic or maybe air in the system? Leaking maybe?


  10. Awesome article. Very helpful, since there aren’t many Jackplate experts in the Pacific North West.

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