Purging Hydraulic Hoses Made Easy!

For many years the only way to commission hydraulic steering on a boat was to manually fill and bleed it which could be a messy, time consuming job needing two people and half an hour or more to complete. It was not always successful and could occasionally result in air getting into the system.

Air, even very small amounts of entrained air, can change the characteristics of a hydraulic steering system. Because hydraulic oil is considered to be incompressible we expect our boats’ steering to be immediate and precise, but the presence of air can make it feel spongy, jerky and sluggish. The more air, the worse it feels, and for boat manufacturers, installers and technicians, air in the system can increase installation times and warranty costs, and result in unhappy boat owners.

The introduction of Power Purge Jr. from SeaStar Solutions in 2001 transformed and simplified the commissioning or refilling process allowing one person to easily fill and bleed 100% of the air from a SeaStar or BayStar hydraulic steering system in 10 minutes or less.

The Power Purge Jr kit comes complete in a handy portable toolbox which, after filling the reservoir with SeaStar hydraulic oil, is ready to use and easy to set up. Full instructions are provided with the kit to ensure problem free operation every time and enhancing the quality of the boat to the end user by ensuring best performance of the system.

The standard kit is designed to be used with single cylinder installations but an optional dual cylinder purging kit is available.

You can see how simple it is to use by watching our training video at:


Or go to our website, www.seastarsolutions.com, where you can get full instructions and more information on Power Purge Jr and our complete range of hydraulic steering systems.

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