What’s so important about Trim Control?

All planing hull boats benefit from being properly trimmed when underway. Not only will it help improve the speed of your boat, but it will also help with fuel efficiency and the comfort of the ride. You should remember too that as conditions change, your engine trim will also need to change which makes it all the more important to have easy to use trim control at your fingertips.

Step up to Pro-Trim from SeaStar Solutions, it is trim control the way it’s meant to be! With Pro-Trim you can keep both hands on the wheel and concentrate on your driving while still being able to safely adjust the trim.

Two versions are available: ‘Pro-Trim Single’ controls one function e.g. engine trim or jackplate while the ‘Pro-Trim Dual’ controls two functions e.g. engine trim and jackplate, trim and horn, a pair of trim tabs etc.

Pro-Trim has a clean, modern design which looks at home in any cockpit and is a “bolt-on” for most SeaStar Solutions steering systems as follows:

  • Safe-T mechanical steering
    • Rack & Pinion mechanical steering
    • NFB No FeedBack steering (all helms)
    • SeaStar hydraulic steering
    • SeaStar PRO hydraulic steering
    • Command 200 Rack & Pinion

For those boaters using jackplates, Pro-Trim can be paired with ProTap, SeaStar Solutions’ jackplate controller. ProTap takes the guesswork out of setting a jackplate height or engine trim every time you get underway by quickly recalling your pre-set positions. It works seamlessly with Pro-Trim, and allows you to fine tune jackplate and engine trim predictably by moving both in set increments. Once you have ProTap set up you no longer need to look at the gauge or the back of the boat to adjust your jackplate or engine trim to your favorite position. ProTap will memorize it for you.

While this is not a lesson on how to trim your boat, setting it up correctly can involve a bit of trial and error. Once you have figured it out, the boat will feel faster and more responsive, and the ride will be smoother. Having Pro-Trim onboard can help make this an easier and safer process.

To find out more about Pro-Trim and ProTap, go to the SeaStar Solutions website:  www.seastarsolutions.com or have a look at our video where you can see Pro-Trim and Protap in use: https://youtu.be/yTLN-8uWinY

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