SeaStar Power Assist & Power Assist Autopilot

For a boat owner there’s nothing nicer than spending time out on the water with family & friends. But it can be tiring if you are out all day, especially if your steering is heavy which is often the case with today’s high horsepower engines. Not only are the engines heavy, but they also produce high levels of propeller torque which has an effect on the boat’s steering (and your arms!) when the loads are transferred to the wheel, particularly if you are doing a lot of trolling or maneuvering.

But there is a solution from SeaStar called Power Assist. This innovative system virtually eliminates all steering loads, delivers easy finger-tip control and unparalleled levels of safety and comfort just like your car, and even in the most extreme conditions. It also allows the boat to be driven safely and easily by the whole family.

SeaStar’s Power Assist is highly recommended on any 150HP and above outboard applications. It can be used on boats with single or multiple outboard engines, inboard/outboard and inboard powered boats with rudders. Multiple steering stations and autopilots are also catered for.

So how does SeaStar’s Power Assist work?  An electronically controlled hydraulic pump is installed into the hydraulic steering circuit (hydraulic hoses) between the helm and steering cylinder and provides power to boost the fluid being sent from the helm to the steering cylinder. This results in much easier effort at the wheel and as it only operates when it detects input from the steering helm means power consumption is kept as low as possible.

The system which is supplied with its own wiring harness can be installed on new SeaStar steering installations or as an easy retro-fit to most existing systems and does not affect the number of turns lock-to-lock. It is powered from the boat’s battery and adjusts automatically to the input voltage (12V or 24V). In the event of a power loss the hydraulic system will automatically revert to a manual hydraulic system.

SeaStar Power Assist Autopilot

The SeaStar Power Assist Autopilot pump is the standard power assist product as discussed above but with the addition of a Type 1 or Type 2 autopilot pump. This pump is a fixed flow, reversible pump set that uses an internal hydraulic gear pump, producing very little vibration or noise. It is offered in 12 or 24 volt configurations, as well as two different pump sizes (type 1 & type 2) allowing easy connection to most autopilot controllers.


SeaStar’s Power Assist Pro has been specifically designed for high torque single engine outboard applications fitted with SeaStar Pro helms, such as bass boats and performance boats capable of speeds in excess of 65mph.

For twin engine applications Dual Ignition Control Kit provides connection to two separate ignition circuits which allows the Power Assist unit to be powered even if one engine is not running.

For more information about Power Assist and SeaStar’s full range of steering products, go to the Products tab on the website or speak to your SeaStar Solutions dealer.

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  1. I have twin 250 hp outboards with one ram. The power assist continues to run and the steering isn’t working correctly. Can you tell what to look for to correct this problem.

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