SeaStar Pro-Pedal – The Customizable Foot Throttle Control for High Performance Boats

Foot throttles have been around for many years being particularly popular with owners of fast bass boats in the USA and performance race boats around the world. With these boats reaching speeds of 60mph+ it is essential to remain in control at all times and by allowing the driver to keep both hands on the wheel, a foot throttle can greatly improve safety, particularly in rough water.

Designed and assembled in America, SeaStar Solution’s new Pro-Pedal is the first foot throttle that can be fully customized to fit both boat and driver. A 12.5deg forward angle on the pedal allows the driver to place his or her foot in a more natural position when at slower speeds or when idling. Of course, not all people are the same size so an integrated slide makes it easy to adjust the position of the pedal for different drivers which makes it more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable to drive.

A robust torsion spring ensures the pedal/throttle returns to idle as soon as pressure is removed just like your car. This feature, along with the vessel’s normal safety lanyard, provides additional safety should the driver fall overboard by slowing the boat right down. Note that gear selection is still made using the hand throttle.

Another important aspect of engine control is being able to adjust the throttle travel. The patent-pending design on the Pro-Pedal allows the driver to set idle-to-WOT (wide open throttle) travel to match his or her individual ergonomics. Whatever travel length is set, the Pro-Pedal will always provide optimal idle-to-WOT throttle control based on your engine type. This again improves driver comfort and ensures you can get the maximum performance from your boat.

When it comes to installing the Pro-Pedal, its compact design keeps the boat floor uncluttered and allows for more room around the pedal. In addition, the enclosed mechanism helps prevent debris from inhibiting the pedal function. The unit will accept any 30 series control cables and these can be installed from the front, rear or above making it easy to install in most boats.

The SeaStar Pro-Pedal is available from December 2018 in the USA or from January 2019 worldwide. For more information on the Pro-Pedal, or our complete range of steering and control products, stop by your SeaStar Solutions marine dealer or visit You can also see a short video below.

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