Optimus 360 Joystick Docking Control

As the name suggests, the Optimus 360 Joystick Docking Control is an absolute joy to use! The system by SeaStar Solutions allows all boaters, no matter their experience, to confidently maneuver a boat at low speed in close quarters in the marina or when coming alongside to a dock or slipway.

If your boat is fitted with twin, triple or even quad outboards, with either digital or mechanical (twin only) shift & throttle controls then Optimus 360 can usually be easily retrofitted by your authorized Optimus 360 dealer. It uses clever electronics to control the engines when in joystick mode allowing you to move the boat forward, backwards, diagonally, rotate it on its own axis, or even move sideways by simply moving the joystick.

The joystick responds instantly to independently steer each outboard, engage forward/neutral/reverse gears and apply throttle as needed to move the boat exactly where you want it to go. The Optimus 360 system is very easy to use due to smart algorithms in the software which minimizes shifting. The careful use of throttle and steering reduces stress on the engines and gives very smooth control.

With progressive throttling, the joystick becomes a natural extension of your hand. A light push on the joystick provides minimal thrust while more thrust can be applied by pushing harder on the joystick. The boost mode increases the RPM to give you more thrust when needed.

Dual station compatible, Optimus 360 is designed for use in slow speed situations and works in tandem with Optimus EPS, SeaStar Solution’s Electronic Power Steering. At higher speeds, Optimus EPS takes over offering a light feel, speed sensitive helm and adjustable lock-to-lock settings.

Options include the Seaways autopilot and also SeaStation which is a GPS ‘anchor’ allowing a boat to hold its position and heading without the use of a real anchor. Both systems take full advantage of the existing Optimus 360 systems including the onboard pumps and CANtrak display.

Whether you have a centre console, RIB, catamaran or pontoon you will be able to maneuver your boat with confidence. To see Optimus 360 in action, why not check out our video below!



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