Choosing a Replacement Starter Motor for your Engine

A great start to a day’s boating can be reliant on your starter motor! The starter can make or break a day on the water, so it is important to keep it in tip top condition. The best way to do this is to have a regular maintenance plan in place and should a problem be found the suspect component can be replaced before it becomes a major issue.

When faced with having to replace the starter motor it is important to consider a great quality product while backed by an industry leading warranty. Choose a starter from Sierra Marine which is built to last and is backed up with our exclusive limited lifetime warranty. This peace-of-mind warranty means that should one of our parts fail, we will pay shop labor, haul out and towing fees, and all related incidental charges to get you back on the water as soon as possible and at no cost to you!

But how can Sierra offer such a good warranty? It’s because we manufacture our starters using only the highest quality components. They are assembled using corrosion resistant materials and are sealed to prevent water intrusion and corrosion which helps ensure long life. Should moisture find a way into the housing, Sierra has incorporated a one-way valve and relief cuts to remove moisture and prevent water accumulation. The starter housing is also painted to prevent rust and corrosion on the exterior surface while keeping your starter looking like new for many years of service.

Other features of Sierra’s marine grade units are spark/ignition protection to prevent ignition of fuel vapor which can often be found within the bilge of a boat. A robust clutch gear spring also helps maximizes life span and reliability. High-performance solenoids provide increased electrical efficiency and, along with a superior connection between the solenoid and commutator brushes, means that Sierra’s starters will function with a low current pull, so should your battery be partially discharged, the starter will still engage and get the engine up and running.

And if all the above was not enough, each unit is tested for proper operation and includes the testing documentation to prove it. So, when you bolt on a Sierra starter you can do so with confidence, knowing that it will fit and function right the first time.

And just as a final thought, don’t ever be tempted to use cheaper automotive parts in your engine. They might appear to be the same as the marine part being replaced but they will not include the marine grade features listed above and without spark/ignition protection could be dangerous.

For more information on Sierra starters, or any the thousands of products available from Sierra Marine for the repair and maintenance of marine engines, please visit


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