Find Your Steering System: Hydraulic Steering Selector

As the world leader in marine steering and control systems, we at SeaStar Solutions have a comprehensive range of hydraulic steering for today’s outboard powered boats. These include BayStarTM steering for light-duty applications up to 150HP and SeaStarTM steering for boats up to 350HP in single engine applications (or up to 600 hp in twin engine applications). We also offer SeaStar PRO steering for high-speed single engine outboard powered boats, as well as the heavy-duty Tournament Series cylinders for high performance multiple-engine applications.

So with all this choice how do you specify a new or replacement system for your boat? Each hydraulic steering system consists of a number of components so when you come to specifying a new system for your boat it can be a challenge to make sure you order all the right parts. The basic components include the helm and cylinder plus the hose and oil. But do you want power steering? Do you need bulkhead fittings? Do you have dual helm stations? What about multiple engine installations? So many questions, so where do you start?

Step up, an online solution to ensure you order all the right parts from the beginning and save yourself multiple trips back to your dealer. With you can build your system by simply entering the prompted information in 8 simple steps. Here’s what you will need to get started:

Step 1: your boat type/engine installation

Step 2: your engine brand

Step 3: your engine year & HP

Step 4: the number of helm stations

Step 5: the type of helm (front or rear mount or tilt)

Step 6: your preferred helm capacity

Step 7: the hose & bulkhead fittings

Step 8: hose length

Once you have entered the above information into, the application will generate a list of recommended materials for SeaStar, BayStar and Power Assisted hydraulic steering systems based on the information entered. All you need to do is print out the list and take it to your dealer to be double checked before ordering.

Also on you will find useful links to tech manuals, service parts and authorized service centers who will be able to help you with your order. If you have a triple or quad engine installation or are looking to use a liquid tiebar on a catamaran, please contact SeaStar engineering for help and advice.

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