Fuel Injector Maintenance & Why it’s Important
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The idea behind maintaining your fuel injection system is pretty much a no-brainer; it keeps your engine reliable and ensures proper performance. Gunk builds up in your injectors from the process of cooling your engine. As the engine runs, the … Continue reading

ECOTIP #2: Preventing and Cleaning Spills
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  Picture this, you’re enjoying your day out on the water when you see a rainbow looking film on the water. You think, “Oh no! Is that from me?”. Day ruined.  Take a look at some tips that we’ve found … Continue reading

What are fuel line ratings and why are they important?
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Let’s talk about Fuel lines, what those ratings mean, how it matters, and how we have you covered for all applications. First, lets talk about the types of fuel hoses… Type A means that the hose is fire retardant when … Continue reading

Usage, Inspection and Maintenance of Hose Systems
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INSTALLATION, INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF HOSE SYSTEMS Don’t Neglect This Critically Important System On Your Boat Shields Marine manufactures a wide variety of hoses for applications onboard pleasure craft.  Serving as conduits for fluids, air or exhaust, each Shields hose … Continue reading